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The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies--and What They Have Done to Us
David Thomson

First Day, First Glitch.

So far the biggest problem, first day here?  The site will not allow me to cut and paste content from my existing blog into this site.  Tried from a PC and from my Mac.  No go.  This is a problem, suggesting, among other things propritary issues, non-portability of content, and more.  NOT a good sign.  I've sent off a "help" request, so we'll see what if any response I get.  This an important capability for those of us who write and review elsewhere, even in a small way.  Hopefully the response won't be in either corporate or computer speak and the problem can be easily addressed, without, I might add, the user -- me in this instance -- being asked to modify my settings or any such nonsense.  Come on people, this should be simple.

We'll See

So... I'm here.  We'll see if I stay.  As a bookseller in an Indendent Bookstore, I reluctantly cancelled my account with Goodreads the day of their obseqious press release announcing their absorption.  There I was "a librarian"; contributing "content" in the form of reviews, author biographies, pictures, etc.  I took as much with me as I could when I left.  Here's hoping this will be a new platform -- not just yet another tool for gathering me unto the cold bosom of the Bezoshemoth.  


As I said, we'll see.

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